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Participating Municipalities 

Here are the participating municipalities for commercial  projects with Show Me PACE, with more being added on a regular basis.

Communities and PACE 

    While Commercial PACE financing is a great tool for businesses, the impact PACE has on communities as a whole cannot be ignored. Show Me PACE works with communities to provide financing for projects that advance them in their clean energy goals and create jobs. PACE also aims to work with local labor unions, as well as women and minority owned businesses. Utilizing these labor pools helps create a better, more diverse work force that will bring Missouri closer to our clean energy goals.

    In 2021, Show Me PACE joined PACENation in a commitment to creating a diverse and equitable marketplace for PACE financing. This means reaching and support underserved communities and working with underrepresented populations. Show Me PACE aims to use 25% women or minority contractors for PACE projects, a goal which is currently being exceeded by 11%.



For more information, email

Read PACE Nation’s white paper “Economic Impact Analysis of Property Assessed Clean Energy Programs” here.

View the sample ordinance to join Show Me PACE here.

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